Brass Symphony 14th October 2018 - 11:00 am Frank Martin Hall

Brass Symphony –  Carte Blanche to the CPMDT brass musicians


The Geneva Brass Festival, at the instigation of Nicolas Salmon, has contacted the brass professors of the CPMDT, in order to create a great band with their trumpet, horn and trombone pupils.

The brass professors are: Nicole Aubert, Yves Massy, Ian Gordon-Lennox (who have arranged the music adapting it to the many possibilities of this ragtag ensemble), Cyril Ledermann and Florence Richez.


Thus it is indeed a very varied, tailer-made repertoire that we have the pleasure to present: pieces from the 17th century will follow New Orleans jazz, Russian and Yiddish folkmusic, for example. Many thanks to Koko Taylor and Sylvain Fournier, from the “Duo N’importe Quoi” for their rhythmical support!


We have taken up the challenge to put all of our pupils together to play music. We put together beginners (some children are only 7 and have a few months practice)  and more advanced musicians, students at the CPMDT for more then ten years!

And here is the result: everyone enjoys playing with the other!

Let’s give them the floor:

“how great to play with everybody else!”

“it’s amazing!”

“I am looking forward to it!”

“at the beginning I couldn’t hear anything, but now I can play better and better”

“ I would like this to continue forever and ever!”


In brief, an unforgettable experience for these 50 young musicians !

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