Ensemble Agamemnon 13th October 2018 - 04:00 pm Musée d'Art et d'Histoire

Created by the cornett player François Cardey in 2013, Ensemble Agamemnon is composed by young musicians moved by the same desire to rediscover and share the vocal and instrumental repertoire of the seventeenth century in Italy and the Holy Roman Empire.


Aided by vigilant research of color and sound, Ensemble Agamemnon seeks to shed light on forgotten chefs d’oeuvre. Performances are a unique experience for both the public and performers, as they forge a connection of sincere musical and human sharing.


Ensemble Agamemnon also holds the use of historically informed performance practice and the links between prosody and music among its highest priorities : first by highlighting the affects of the text in the historical repertoire, then by putting back the music in the liturgy of the seventeenth century. Moreover, strong thematic links bound litterature, poetry, music and stage direction and create a gateway of comprehension for the audience.


By working alongside composers, stage directors, choreographers, filmmaker, actors, digital creators, Ensemble Agamemnon provides a collection of unique experiences, associating early music and various aesthetics such as musical tale, theater, documentary, music of the day, maping and digital arts….



Josef Žák – Violon

François Cardey – Cornet

Arnaud Brétécher – Sacqueboute

Lucile Tessier – Doulciane

Olivier Camelin – Orgue et clavecin



Marco Antonio Ferro – Sonate à 4 n°7

Anonyme Manuscrit Uppsala – Sonata & Canzona italiana

Johann Heinrich Schmelzer – Sonate à 4 cum continuo

Johann Joseph Fux – Sonata a tre

Johann Heinrich Schmelzer – Sonata â 2

Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber – Balletti Lamentabili

Heinrich Scheidemann – Praeludium

Bartolomeo Selma y Salaverde – Canzon n°17

Tamas Clementis – Canzon à 4

Marco Antonio Ferro – Sonate à 3 n°6

Antonio Bertali – Sonata à 4 viole

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