The Ondine genevoise in the Parc Bertrand 13 Octobre 2019 - 15h Parc Bertrand

Since its creation, the « L’été du Parc Bertrand » festival has won its spurs by taking part in the Geneva cultural landscape ; today its name is a guarantee of seriousness, great artistic quality, an oasis of freedom in a beautiful natural environment, an expected meeting between artists and an audience from all backgrounds. Its free access, as well as the freedom left to the artists to choose the place of their performance in the middle of the park, are important features which give it a separate place in our city’s summer season. Whether sitting on chairs or in the grass, the audience which can go up to 500 people per concert, can attend concerts of diverse music styles (ethno, song, jazz, classical), dance or entertainment shows, as well as theater.


The Académie de musique Ondine genevoise offers a quality musical training to children from the age of 4. Students benefit from group practice since the beginning of their theory and instrumental training. They take part in concerts and public presentations that allow them to assert their knowledge and promote their future integration in the musical environment of their choice. The Ondine genevoise is moreover a music corps composed of a wind section as well as a drums corps, that can perform in different registers with a large music range. This ensemble is directed by Francesco Grassini. Born in Siena, Italy, where he begins his trombone studies at the conservatory, Francesco Grassini improves its skills at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève, where he gets a virtuosity award, a master’s degree in pedagogy and a diploma of orchestra musician. In 2017, he finishes his training of wind ensemble conductor at the Fribourg Conservatory in Jean-Claude Kolly’s class with excellent honors. He is a trombone professor in various instituions, conducts the Ondine genevoise and the Lyre de Chêne-Bougeries, and takes part in the creation of an orchestra while becoming in 2011 director of the Harmonie du Pays de Gex.


In case of bad weather : the concert will take place in the Église Ste Thérèse, Avenue Peschier 14, 1206 Genève.

Coproduction : L’été du Parc Bertrand

Participation : ETM, Ecole des Musiques Actuelles.

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